Jan. 4th, 2014

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An interesting and somewhat exciting change to gold members (the ones who pay monthly fees) in EQ2. I'm one of them, but Joshypoo is silver. Starting in February all gold members will no longer receive 500 station points a month. Instead, you get a token that can be used to buy one item of up to 2000 station points each month. They say some things will be excluded, but there isn't a list yet and they've been silent on the forums even though their news topic is 30 pages long.

That's the tricky thing. You can only buy 1 item with it and if it happens to be 100 points the rest of the 2000 is gone. Right now you get 500 a month, but you can save it up.

It's got me excited and worried at the same time hehe. If I can buy character slots with them (1000 points) or a prestige house (usually 1300) once a month I'll be thrilled. If it's just mounts, furniture and cosmetics like armor I'll seriously be disappointed as I'm not interested in those things.

Like 8-9 out of 10 people on the forums are very unhappy with this though because they say they buy little things with their 500 a month points and already have tons of prestige homes and characters. I've only played since the end of September though and I've got 1 prestige home which, if you remember, is a Galleon that I got on sale Cyber Monday. :) There are a LOT of them and I haven't even looked at them all, but I do wish I could get a couple of the ones I've seen.

Oh and as far as the loyalty points you get for doing the daily tasks (2 for gold, 1 for silver and bronze members) I have 34 and noticed you can get this prestige home for 60 which looks epic from outside. When you zone in and look up at it, it's built into a mountain with the perfect number of rooms for me. :D So yes potentially I can get that this month if I don't need to get coin with them soon. :D


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