Sep. 19th, 2015

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  1. Hear about new Animal Crossing Happy Home Academy Game.
  2. Get super excited!
  3. Read about gameplay mechanic and reliance on amiibo system, feel disappointed. (Like maybe Nintendo just wants you to buy lots of amiibo cards...)
  4. Wander sadly around Gamestop on another day because your partner is buying a game.
  5. See a 2014 Harvest Moon game (Lost Valley) you totally missed the release of! And it costs less than the new Animal Crossing game.
  6. Purchase, go home, begin playing.
  7. At a certain point, decide it just makes more sense to stay up the extra hour til you feed the cats because why fall asleep only to be awoken by hungry cats?
  8. Win (except for the whole sleep cycle bit...)
Which is a concise way of saying that I am enjoying Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley.

If you haven't played it, it combines a lot of the elements of Harvest Moon -- farming, plant hybridization is kind of the new thing, building relationships with NPCs -- with some terraforming that is totally-not-like-Minecraft. I mean, there's no zombies! But you can totally do water features now, and certain plants grow better at different elevations. It's fun!
Other improvements: I have yet to need to eat something because I'm out of energy; you don't have to switch your tools around manually; harvest sprites really will help you do your chores (even though they won't do them two days in a row).

Some of the UI is a little clunky, but I think they do pretty well for a DS game?


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