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Why are there so many guilds in MMOs (any of them I've played) with Latin names? Why isn't there any Elvish or Klingon guild names? Or some other language? Nope, Latin. And on every server there's guaranteed a "Veni Vidi Vici" hehe. :)

I've been enjoying messing with a reseller lately. He sells a donut ton of adorning materials and I've been selling the same things spread out among a bunch of characters and staggering the prices above and below his. A couple times he's bought everything and more and increased the price even further lol. All that happens is me and random other people sell more and he/she is just digging a deeper hole for themself lol.

You know there's actually at least one person on my server (the one I mentioned cause I asked before starting this, but I'm sure there's more) that just play the game to play the market? I really, really wish and think you should be able to add players to a "no sell" list. Like how you can put people on ignore. Put people on the list that stops them from being able to buy your stuff. They'd run out of characters to do it on.

What's up with the people that give their characters and pets names like "Fahku," "Shethead," and things like that?

I don't know why I'm complaining except seeing a animal pet named something like those bothers me a bit.
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