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Name:A Gaming Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:An Active Gaming Community created July 5th, 2013
This is a place to talk about any sorts of video games you play whether it be console, pc or handheld. :)

Admin notes: I haven't really run a community before, but I will try to keep it active even if it's just me posting. I basically made this because the other game communities are here are practically dead and the moderators have been inactive for years. I need an outlet to talk about games since, yeah, I LOVE THEM! :D And who doesn't? :)

Treat other members with courtesy. I haven't seen abuse in a gaming comm yet, but I won't tolerate it. Don't think I need to worry about it though. :)

Put large pictures and multiple pictures behind a cut as a courtesy please. :)

To do that type <lj-cut> *text & pictures* </lj-cut>
Or if you use rich text (which I don't) I think before you post you need to left-click & drag and highlight what you wanna cut and press the "cut" button. I don't believe you can do this after you post if you try editing it.

Interests (130):

2d platformer, 3d platformer, 3ds, action, action puzzle, action rpg, activision, adventure, adventure games, air combat simulation, arcade games, arcades, artillery puzzle, atari, bandai, bethesda, bioware, black isle studios, blizzard, bosses, brawler, broderbund software, bungie, business simulation, capcom, city building simulation, classic arcade, co-op games, computer gaming, computers, console games, consoles, dungeon crawl, ea, ea canada, empire building simulation, epic games, final fantasy, first person shooter, fps, game progress, game reviews, gamers, games, gaming, gobbolins, good old games, handheld gaming, handhelds, hidden object puzzle, id, indie, indie games, infinity ward, irrational games, jrpgs, konami, looking glass studios, lucasarts, matching puzzle, maxis, microprose, midway, mmorpg, mmos, multiplayer games, namco, naughty dog, nintendo 3ds, nintendo dsi, nintendo wii, online games, open world, origin, pc, pc gaming, physics puzzle, platformers, playstation, playstation 3, point-and-click adventure, ps3, puzzle, pvp, racing, raiders, raiding, real time battle rpg, real time strategy, relic, retro studios, rockstar north, role-playing, rpgs, runescape, sce santa monica, sea combat, sega, shoot 'em up, shooters, sierra entertainment, simulation, single player games, snk, space combat simulation, sports, squad combat, square enix, squaresoft, stealth, steam, strategy, survival horror, tactical battle rpg, tank simulation, the sims, third person shooter, tower defense, turn based battle rpg, turn based strategy, ubisoft, valve, vehicular combat, video games, virtual life simulation, vita, warcraft, world of warcraft, xbox, xbox 360
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