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Good evening! :D

I've been playing a new game (for me) Return to Mysterious Island. It's from 2004, but it was ported to the iPhone in 2009. I'm playing GoG's version on my pc. :)

When I started it showed my character, Mina, face down on a beach because she was on her ship by herself and got washed overboard. The first objective is to find food hehe. :)

I guess this games proves that I'd fail at surviving on a deserted island because I have had to check a walkthru a few times. XD

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Too embarrassed about the 10 minutes I spent playing Portal earlier. I don't think that's a good game for me. :P I did explain to Joshypoo that he was going to have to do all the thinking in the game if/when we play it together. Actually... did I or didn't I already buy it for him? o_o

I also played some Resonance for the first time early this morning. It's another point and click game. This one has pixelly graphics and is 2D and I got upset with the scene of the little girl

bad stuff

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But RTMI is awesome! :D Very pleased with it! I might even finish it! :O

Now I totally need to take a nap or something. :)


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