Jul. 25th, 2013 03:52 am
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I finally got to level 97 Farmin' last night. :) I can do anything now. You don't learn anything the last two levels, but I still want to get to 99. It took like 5-6 weeks to get from 96 to 97. So maybe in 3 months I'll have my second max level skill. :) They make the last few levels really slow to get with the amount of xp you need hehe. :)

They've fixed some bugs in RS3 and I think I'm pretty used to the new interface now. :) I've occasionally been logging on the HTML beta and the characters look very nice, but grass and some other textures just look like they took the old graphics and a spray paint tool and clicked on them a couple times. All gritty. It's not too laggy at low settings, but I should be able to run it at high settings. I hope they can increase the performance, but if they've already got it mostly finished then how can they?

Something I've read about this html5 stuff. There's no multicore support. Only 1 core of your processor gets used and instead of the graphics mostly being dependent on.. you know your graphics card, it's more dependent on your processor.

P.S. Breakfast was good. I had Nintendo cereal and Super Mario Bros. fruit rollups. :P


Jul. 21st, 2013 09:52 am
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OMG! I won the rare sombrero off the prize wheel with a bonus spin less than a half hour ago!!! :D

WOOOOOT!!! I'm so happy!!! XD

I tried out the beta for Runescape 3 last night. The new interface is fine I suppose. It's the terrible lag/bad fps I get... and almost everyone else gets. There are hundreds of people that posted in this forum thread saying they get less than 10fps. I expect a disaster tomorrow. :P

Oh and I don't think the graphics are improved. I think they look worse. :P


Jul. 13th, 2013 11:24 pm
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I got to level 90 Prayer this morning. You don't know what that means, but I can now have ship and port things!

A player-owned-port requires level 90 in one of six skills and 90 prayer is the first one I've made it that high. :D

I did the tutorial which had a cutscene and I have two ships with captains and some crew to send out on missions. Mostly my crew are drunks or violent pirates haha. It's pretty interesting how they set everything up with crew stats and how you set up ships per voyage to have the best chances of success.

I have one adventurer in my port and he's a missionary. I'm assuming that's because it's my prayer that got me my port hehe. I don't wanna do church work! D: I can send him out on one special voyage a day which I just did. I might fail it though because I think it said I had an 86% of success. Not sure what happens if you fail. Hopefully the ship doesn't 'splode with all hands lost at sea hehe. :)

So far it's pretty fun. None of my voyages have taken more than a half hour of real time. You just send them and they do whatever on their own and then you get a notice when they return.

edit: Oh and I did one truck delivery in Euro Truck Sim earlier. I didn't hit anything to take damage!!! It was nearly a perfect run, but I went too fast at one point and got a speeding ticket. Why does GB not have speed limit signs? >_>
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As I said in my intro today, I'm trying to cut down on my MMO playtime. :)

Basically all I did was spend about an hour on it catching up on my challenges. I did the three daily challenges I had and that was it. You have up to 5 days to complete a daily. I don't wanna stop playing Rune as I love it, I just need to seriously limit my time on it for a while. :)

Still Life

I tried this yesterday for the first time! :D It's an interesting detective mystery game, but 30 minutes into it when my character, Victoria, got a phone call I got a hunch and I will be very surprised if the killer turns out to be someone else. Yeah.

It reminds me of the movie Se7en. The graphics are nice. I think it was made in 2006 and I got it off GoG on sale. :)

I laughed when Victoria looked at writing (in blood) on the wall and said "What. The. Fuck?!" Yeah. She is also a coffee addict! XD

Return of the Incredible Machine Contraptions

Whee! I'm just in the tutorial phase and it bored me after 10 contraptions complete with all the voice hints and explanations. There's still tutorial ones left, though I dunno how many. It doesn't seem to let you choose whichever level you wanna do like in the original.


Yeah, I'm just now getting to this one. :P It's ok so far. I got a little annoyed that I walked too close to the portal on the floor (I wasn't THAT close) and fell through, missed the platform moving and died so I quit. Think that was #4. :) It's an ok game. Not sure how much I can get into it though. :)


I thought this was a sequel to Machinarium by the graphics and robots, but it's totally different than I expected. It's a good thinking game, but is there no way to save?! I HATE games that only autosave for you at certain points or have limited times/areas to save. I never know when I'm going to wanna stop or have to log off.

Icewind Dale Complete

People... I'm so increasing the levels of my characters when I get back to town and "clean up" all my inventory and other maintenance tasks. I think my characters are way weaker than the monsters at this point and I dunno how that happened. As far as I know, I haven't missed anything major. BTW I LOVE this game although I've never beat it. Started and gone through a while several times, but yeah it's a long game hehe. :P


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