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Good Morning and Happy Saturdog! :)

I play Neopets sometimes so I thought I'd share my pets and petpets. :)

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What I like to do in that game the most is... play with my shop and buy things!!! :P I am a bad shopaholic when it comes to real money, too, especially when it comes to games. :P

And then yesterday I continued playing Still Life and I'm currently in 1920 Prague as a detective working on a similar case as the 2004 part of the game. I love the way Prague looks. :3 The only complaint I have about it is that the characters who live there don't have accents and the dialogue seems too... out of place for back then and (correct me if I'm wrong and I'm sorry if I offend with this) the prostitutes sound too educated for being on the street at young ages.

I also played some more Unmechanical and I think I've progressed pretty far without ANY help!!! :D You can't save, but I guess it saves after every puzzle? Cause that's where I started when I played again. I guess that's ok. :P Right now I'm working on some huge "heart" chamber and unlocked 1 of 4 parts of it. :)

I tried to continue my game (from December) of Deus Ex 1, but I am just not the gamer I was when it came out over 10 years ago. I have trouble with erm... dying. :P I'm even early in the game and dying hehe. :P The last time someone set me on fire and I burned to death. >_<

I'm on Test Chamber 8 in Portal now as well. :)
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As I said in my intro today, I'm trying to cut down on my MMO playtime. :)

Basically all I did was spend about an hour on it catching up on my challenges. I did the three daily challenges I had and that was it. You have up to 5 days to complete a daily. I don't wanna stop playing Rune as I love it, I just need to seriously limit my time on it for a while. :)

Still Life

I tried this yesterday for the first time! :D It's an interesting detective mystery game, but 30 minutes into it when my character, Victoria, got a phone call I got a hunch and I will be very surprised if the killer turns out to be someone else. Yeah.

It reminds me of the movie Se7en. The graphics are nice. I think it was made in 2006 and I got it off GoG on sale. :)

I laughed when Victoria looked at writing (in blood) on the wall and said "What. The. Fuck?!" Yeah. She is also a coffee addict! XD

Return of the Incredible Machine Contraptions

Whee! I'm just in the tutorial phase and it bored me after 10 contraptions complete with all the voice hints and explanations. There's still tutorial ones left, though I dunno how many. It doesn't seem to let you choose whichever level you wanna do like in the original.


Yeah, I'm just now getting to this one. :P It's ok so far. I got a little annoyed that I walked too close to the portal on the floor (I wasn't THAT close) and fell through, missed the platform moving and died so I quit. Think that was #4. :) It's an ok game. Not sure how much I can get into it though. :)


I thought this was a sequel to Machinarium by the graphics and robots, but it's totally different than I expected. It's a good thinking game, but is there no way to save?! I HATE games that only autosave for you at certain points or have limited times/areas to save. I never know when I'm going to wanna stop or have to log off.

Icewind Dale Complete

People... I'm so increasing the levels of my characters when I get back to town and "clean up" all my inventory and other maintenance tasks. I think my characters are way weaker than the monsters at this point and I dunno how that happened. As far as I know, I haven't missed anything major. BTW I LOVE this game although I've never beat it. Started and gone through a while several times, but yeah it's a long game hehe. :P


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