Jul. 6th, 2013

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I know I can't be the only one....with a skeleton in their game closet. Sometime in your life you've probably looked at a game, though it looked interesting only to scream internally, "What the hell did I buy?" and "No one must learn of this tragedy." The worst part about it is that you loved the game. It's your dirty little secret.

So what's your dirty little secret game?

For me? Two games and one at least has the excuse that I was 8 at the time of playing it but I still secretly love it (except it's not so much a secret now, is it?).

1. Barbie for NES. This was something I played all the time as a kid whenever I was at my grandparents. I adored it. I would probably still play it today. xD

Short video of the gameplay )

2. Secret of the Magic Crystal. This was on sale from Steam for less than a dollar. UGH, it's so cheesy to me but I was enjoying myself. "What are you playing?" "BONECRAFT. OMG, BONECRAFT WITH HORSES. Wait. NO."

I can't entirely hide this, it's on my Steam game list. LOL )

I'm pretty certain I've had more but I can't currently think of them. xD


Jul. 6th, 2013 03:16 am
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O hai!

The name's Jaeya, and I'm a geek through and through. I've been playing games for as long as I can remember, and still have incredibly fond memories of being curled up on the sofa playing SNES games with my brother as a kid.

Nowadays, I consider myself to be a "casualcore" gamer. I don't take gaming too seriously, but I don't really fuck about, either. I like to perform to the best of my ability, but I don't go out of my way to excel, if that makes sense?

RPGs always have been, and always will be, my forté. I have also been known to dabble in the realms of survival horror, FPS and RTS. Rhythm games are a guilty pleasure (and a surefire winner at any kind of party involving alcohol, true story). I also have a slight addiction to visual novels, though my inability to read Japanese limits my options on that front quite considerably.

My gaming backlog is absolutely ridiculous. I blame Steam sales wholeheartedly. My bank account is already crying a river because of the upcoming Summer Sale.. yikes.

To end this shockingly long post, take a screenshot of my 90 Druid, Nasra. I took her through Sethekk Halls earlier out of habit, and guess what dropped?

Read more... )

About time, too. ;)
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Good Morning and Happy Saturdog! :)

I play Neopets sometimes so I thought I'd share my pets and petpets. :)

Read more... )

What I like to do in that game the most is... play with my shop and buy things!!! :P I am a bad shopaholic when it comes to real money, too, especially when it comes to games. :P

And then yesterday I continued playing Still Life and I'm currently in 1920 Prague as a detective working on a similar case as the 2004 part of the game. I love the way Prague looks. :3 The only complaint I have about it is that the characters who live there don't have accents and the dialogue seems too... out of place for back then and (correct me if I'm wrong and I'm sorry if I offend with this) the prostitutes sound too educated for being on the street at young ages.

I also played some more Unmechanical and I think I've progressed pretty far without ANY help!!! :D You can't save, but I guess it saves after every puzzle? Cause that's where I started when I played again. I guess that's ok. :P Right now I'm working on some huge "heart" chamber and unlocked 1 of 4 parts of it. :)

I tried to continue my game (from December) of Deus Ex 1, but I am just not the gamer I was when it came out over 10 years ago. I have trouble with erm... dying. :P I'm even early in the game and dying hehe. :P The last time someone set me on fire and I burned to death. >_<

I'm on Test Chamber 8 in Portal now as well. :)
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I said that I wanted to do a modified nuzlocke challenge... so I started again with Snivy... I seem to have good luck with Snivy more than the other starters... I've decided to put my team behind a cut... I only have

My team so far.. )

I'll give out more deets as I go..


Hi there!

Jul. 6th, 2013 12:42 pm
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Hi everyone!  I'm Chandra and I've been playing The Sims 2 since 2009.  I have all the EPs and SPs.  It's really about the only game I play actively besides Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.  I live in Woodbridge, VA (30 miles South of Washington, DC) and am the mother of two boys that really are ACTIVE gamers.

I'm currently working on two legacies...The Noir Legacy and The Lindt Legacy...and one legacy/story hybrid titled Going for Broke.

It's a pleasure to meet all of you.


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