Jul. 13th, 2013

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Good morning and Happy Saturdog! :)

The trip I took in Euro Truck before bed happened to be very cool because it took until 1am game time and got dark. It also rained hehe.

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I got three 150 pound tickets for not using my lights until I figured out I was only using my running lights or maybe just the in cab light. It wasn't very dark at the time, just getting dark. And like I mentioned, I missed my exit and all the traffic, and I got a ticket for running a red light even though it was actually yellow and when I finally got to the city for the delivery I drove a short distance going the wrong way and got another ticket haha! Yeah. :P
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Played around with Little Inferno this morning and my inner pyro was giggling a little too hard.

Quite a few pictures behind the cut at 1024 x 576 )

I also nabbed this morning Darksiders and Darksiders II with all the DLC included. :D I'll probably set my computer up tonight to download both of them.
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I'm back with some sims pix. This time, I want you to meet Ashleigh Robertson. I was thinking of Duck Dynasty when I made her so.. that's the reason behind the last name. :)
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More later..


Jul. 13th, 2013 06:59 pm
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I decided to play a little bit of Audiosurf as a test run of the new game capture software I had found (MSI Afterburn). This is my first time playing Audiosurf and I find it rather fun, despite my awesome ability to hit the wrong blocks.

Video of my Audiosurf run. )


Jul. 13th, 2013 11:24 pm
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I got to level 90 Prayer this morning. You don't know what that means, but I can now have ship and port things!

A player-owned-port requires level 90 in one of six skills and 90 prayer is the first one I've made it that high. :D

I did the tutorial which had a cutscene and I have two ships with captains and some crew to send out on missions. Mostly my crew are drunks or violent pirates haha. It's pretty interesting how they set everything up with crew stats and how you set up ships per voyage to have the best chances of success.

I have one adventurer in my port and he's a missionary. I'm assuming that's because it's my prayer that got me my port hehe. I don't wanna do church work! D: I can send him out on one special voyage a day which I just did. I might fail it though because I think it said I had an 86% of success. Not sure what happens if you fail. Hopefully the ship doesn't 'splode with all hands lost at sea hehe. :)

So far it's pretty fun. None of my voyages have taken more than a half hour of real time. You just send them and they do whatever on their own and then you get a notice when they return.

edit: Oh and I did one truck delivery in Euro Truck Sim earlier. I didn't hit anything to take damage!!! It was nearly a perfect run, but I went too fast at one point and got a speeding ticket. Why does GB not have speed limit signs? >_>


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