Jul. 21st, 2013

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Well... here I be. I started over yet again.. and I have a pretty solid team. I have only one slot empty in my roster so.. and I might just switcheroo some team members.. but not any time soon. I am in the midst of Elesa's gym...

Here is my team.. pix are from Pinterest..
Team members )

Now, for the realization. Last night.. I couldn't sleep... so I was on the Hullabaloo website (which is an archived Sims2 message board from awhile ago...) reading this story. And I was reminded of the fact that my sister's original simself was in the Bright house, and I just remembered that I could have moved her out easily... but I never thought of that. -_-

I need more sleep. Sorry..


Jul. 21st, 2013 09:52 am
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OMG! I won the rare sombrero off the prize wheel with a bonus spin less than a half hour ago!!! :D

WOOOOOT!!! I'm so happy!!! XD

I tried out the beta for Runescape 3 last night. The new interface is fine I suppose. It's the terrible lag/bad fps I get... and almost everyone else gets. There are hundreds of people that posted in this forum thread saying they get less than 10fps. I expect a disaster tomorrow. :P

Oh and I don't think the graphics are improved. I think they look worse. :P
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I made it. Click to go. I need suggestions for it though. I'm still going to post here.. I just am going to showcase my sims over there too. I'm going to put in my favorite legacies in there too.

I'm going to sim now...


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