Jul. 25th, 2013


Jul. 25th, 2013 03:52 am
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I finally got to level 97 Farmin' last night. :) I can do anything now. You don't learn anything the last two levels, but I still want to get to 99. It took like 5-6 weeks to get from 96 to 97. So maybe in 3 months I'll have my second max level skill. :) They make the last few levels really slow to get with the amount of xp you need hehe. :)

They've fixed some bugs in RS3 and I think I'm pretty used to the new interface now. :) I've occasionally been logging on the HTML beta and the characters look very nice, but grass and some other textures just look like they took the old graphics and a spray paint tool and clicked on them a couple times. All gritty. It's not too laggy at low settings, but I should be able to run it at high settings. I hope they can increase the performance, but if they've already got it mostly finished then how can they?

Something I've read about this html5 stuff. There's no multicore support. Only 1 core of your processor gets used and instead of the graphics mostly being dependent on.. you know your graphics card, it's more dependent on your processor.

P.S. Breakfast was good. I had Nintendo cereal and Super Mario Bros. fruit rollups. :P
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Skyla was kicking my arse sooo... I started over. Again. :p Haha... anyways here is my team so far...My team so far... )

That's about it.


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