Aug. 31st, 2013

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So I was playing Old Rune last night and someone was having a quiz game with prizes. I only heard one question, but then he said he dropped some money in the bank. I found it and picked it up first. :P It was... ONE MILLION GOLD! OMG! That is so much in Old Rune. It's the equivalent of 10 million in New Rune. So I was pretty thrilled haha! I had 700k at the time so that was quite awesome!


Aug. 31st, 2013 10:19 pm
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I got from level 33 - 36 agility last night. Tonight? Up to level 40!!! I am so pleased!

Agility is sexy xp. For some reason getting a lot of xp in it makes my insides excited lol. I really don't know why either. It's a very repetitive skill to train, but the higher it is the faster your run energy replenishes and in Old Rune there's no way to rest. You just have to wait for it to go back up 1% at a time hehe. :)

edit: 1:05am. OMG! How could I forget mentioning the GOBBOLIN invasion event that started yesterday?! There are like 100 gobbolins walking about and fighting in one of the barbarian villages! If you go there they start to follow and surround you saying various little things like "FOR SNAGWORT!" They don't attack you, but they fight back. I was scared when I went through the village yesterday before finding that out. XD

Anyway, yesterday I was upset because (if you know me) I LOVE gobbolins! They are the best monster to fight in any game. :) All I saw though were level 50s and 75s and I was level 37 (38 now I think.) But this evening I saw level 30s mixed in! Just not so many of them which is why I didn't see them before. I've been fighting gobbolins and they drop good loot!

I logged off because all the gobbolins disappeared about 15 minutes ago. I think they'll be back, just not sure when. :)

So much gobbolin awesomeness! XD


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