Sep. 3rd, 2013

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I did it! I went a whole month without buying ANY games or spending on games! That was my goal for August lol. I pretty much just didn't look at Steam or GoG and since I've been playing Old Rune which has no ingame store, there's no temptation for buying pretty outfits and things. :)

I've mentioned training agility often and now I've made it up to level 46! It's my third highest skill now out of 23. Cooking and Fletching are higher for me.

Fletching is the highest at 51 because I've decided to try very hard and stay at level ONE firemaking! :D LOL I just think it's funny and it's a rather useless skill in Old Rune and annoying to level up. :) So I use all my logs for fletching. Came across my first obstacle with my level 1 firemaking goal and that's a quest I started and found out I need to light a fire in a boiler several times hehe. I'll just not finish it. :P

I seem to have made two new friends in the game too and they actually talk to me unlike the other two people on my friends list hehe.
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