Sep. 21st, 2013

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Good Morning and Happy Saturdog. :)

Last night I was chatting with Joshypoo and I was talking about how City of Heroes shut down and he said even older games with less players were still around like Everquest II and Lineage. That got me talking about EQ2 because I played it for about 3 months waaaay back when I needed a change from World of Warcraft Classic (yes that long ago.) It had way too much group content back then and some of the things I wanted required to be in a guild which also bothered me.

I don't know if it's still like that, but I hope it's not. He downloaded it and I had it already dled as I was tempted to retry it a couple months ago and we both started characters. :) He made a Fae Assassin and I made a Half Elf Ranger who is super cute. :D

I think we have a bit of a problem though. We didn't start in the same tutorial zone. The Fae race he chose is a "good" race. I chose a neutral race and so far I'm in this place called "Hate's Envy" which certainly doesn't sound like a good aligned zone. I don't understand why I'd be in an evil zone though. I didn't get an option to pick a side.

But I'm afraid that must be why we aren't together. :( I ended up getting so frustrated because the tutorial was never ending and I just wanted to do things with him. I wanted to see what his character looked like too.

I dunno if good and evil can be in the same cities. I think I'll have to make a different character though. :/ I'll probably make a new one today and pick a Wood Elf because that's a good aligned race and hope I start where he started. He didn't finish the tutorial yet either hehe. (it's really long so far)

There seems to be pvp in it now too. I'm pretty positive there wasn't a pvp aspect back when I first played. I totally don't do pvp, but he likes that sort of thing. :P

I'm just hopeful we both end up enjoying it and have something to play together once again. We haven't gamed together in a few months when we both got Torchlight II.

We are both playing as free accounts now. If anyone would like to join us starting out you're very welcome to! :D


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