Sep. 22nd, 2013

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It turns out that my Half Elf Ranger was indeed in an evil city. :/ And what's worse is that she wasn't true evil and certain guards would just one shot me and I couldn't get to the bank or to a quest person. I don't even know why the game would do that.

So I made a new character. A Wood Elf Ranger who is good. :) Joshypoo and I played tonight and it was pretty nice except I'm getting frustrated because all I wanna do at this point is learn a secondary profession (cooking) and make some coffee. I want to be in a city with a Broker (auction house) and sell what I have and buy new weapons because even after attaining level 7 from the quests I haven't gotten a new one and it's getting hard to kill things my level.

But I still like it so far. I'm contemplating at least upgrading my membership to silver for $5. I think it's a one time payment and you get some benefits. Gold is the standard monthly subscription which is $15. I dunno if I'm ready to do that hehe. I'm used to paying Runescape's fee of $7 a month (reduced from $8 cause I buy 3 months at a time.)

I think I have around 45 days left of subscription in Rune. I'm not sure if I'm going to pay for more when it ends or not. I find myself playing less and less of it. Plenty of time to figure that out though. :)

I'm gonna take a look at my budget program and see if what I can do. :) I might have to wait until next month to subscribe because I'd rather get a reduction by paying 3 months at once.

edit: 2:57am. I'll have to wait until beginning of next month to subscribe if I want to. :)


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