Oct. 6th, 2013

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I was on my Pokemon ([community profile] pokemon ) comm.. and I got a hold of a pic of Chespin's first evo. It made me re-think my choice... I might go with Fennekin... and I have the final typing as well..

The final typings )

Here is the pic of Chespin's first evo. It's weird I'm warning you. :p


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For those of you who play on Steam, have any of you ever come across an issue with the Steam overlay? I've recently picked up Terraria again, and for the life of me, I cannot get the overlay to activate or utilize the F12 screenshot feature. It's active in the settings and it works for other games, but I think Terraria and Steam are having some sort of cold shoulder war, they're just not talking to each other.

Anyway, I've only been able to get one screenshot out of the deal (through print screen):

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This was a screenshot after I accidentally activated the Wall of Flesh. I must have killed a mob that was carrying the Guide Doll, which dropped into the lava, and brought out that disturbingly named boss. I admit, I panicked. So in order to escape, I used the Magic Mirror and the above screenshot is the result of said decision.

I believe we're about a week into playing Terraria again and with using our original characters that were previously geared up, we took on the Wall of Flesh and moved ourselves into hard mode. Now I'm just spending time looking for demon alters to destroy so I can activate new types of ore into the game. :D

GUH, I wish I had more screenshots!
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