Oct. 13th, 2013

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Hello again. It's Sam on a rainy Bunday.. a perf day to share with you my teams on Pokemon.. hence pt 1 & 2. I was playing last night and I tried capturing a Lickitung, but the thing had a nature that I wasn't too fond of. You see, I am very picky about my natures... hehe.. anyways, here is my Platinum team... however small it may be.. I won't have pix though.. if you want to check them out, then, google them. The Platinum team doesn't have any items holding bc I was afraid of losing them to Lickitung's knock off move... so...

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Now, for my Black 2 team.. now, I'm at the part in the game where I'm supposed to catch Virizion... so bear with me.
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Well.. that's that. :)

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You know one thing I really love about Everquest II? There are FOUR types of elves you can play! :D

I have a half-elf Paladin, a dark elf Brigand, a wood elf Ranger and a high elf Berserker. :D

I made the high elf last evening. I almost made her an Inquisitor which is a priest type instead of a fighter, but I changed my mind. Priests are more group oriented and I don't dungeon or raid. :)

You know, I kinda wanna try an Inquisitor. I only played her about 15 minutes walking around and talking to quest people and doing one of those. Maybe I could remake her and try it out. :)

What do you think? A berserker or inquisitor? They both wear plate and both melee. The Inq is a debuffer as part of their abilities. I'm assuming the zerker can out dps the inq.


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