Oct. 16th, 2013

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Joshypoo showed me where I can turn in loyalty tokens from doing daily challenges for platinum a few days ago! The daily challenges are normal things like, "Slay 25 creatures," "Slay 8 different types of creatures," "Craft 3 different things." I don't have to make an effort to do any of them. :)

Anyway, turning in 5 tokens gets you 75 platinum! I turned in 20 and have 6 more!

This morning I've been shopping like crazy. :P Buying collectibles for one character (that you turn in for xp when you get a set and a reward sometimes.) And buying Lore & Legend body parts for my main. The drop rate increases by a lot once you study one body part of a type so I went ahead and made sure I started each type of monster that I didn't have yet. Most weren't too bad and the only one I bought over a platinum was the cheapest efreeti part I could find.

As far as buying collectibles for my main, I am going to try and not do that. I wanna see how much I can collect just on my own. :) That's not to say I only catalog the ones I find on that character. If I find some on another character that I think she needs I'll put it in the shared bank and check with her... after all I'm still finding it, right? :)

I think there must be an infinite amount of different items to collect. It's never ending lol. :) I've discovered about 100 different sets with 3-20 different pieces in them.
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Silly Brandi, cats can't go to college! (click for simblr)


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