Oct. 27th, 2013

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I've been periodically playing Grand Theft Auto 5 Online with my boyfriend and I'm rather enjoying myself. Not to the point where I'd play it by myself nor would I play it on a public server with a bunch of random people (in which I have loaded a couple of times and was killed just because they wanted to).

I almost didn't play GTA Online due to the glitch for people who were trying to start new characters. Every time I started a character, went through the initial tutorial, logged off real quick, and went back to sign back in, my character was not saved. I think I tried it two times on my Xbox, my boyfriend tried creating one for me on his console and nothing was saving. It was a bit disheartening. I tried one more time a little later that night and finally was able to keep my character! So now I've got a level 21 character who is slowly acquiring weapons, working on maxing out my skills, and saving enough money to afford an apartment with a 10 car garage!

Due to the issues that Rockstar has been having with their servers, they're offering a stimulus package of $500,000 later this week for players who played this month. The stimulus is going to come in two parts of $250,000 and should at least be given before November hits. So I guess I'm not so much as saving for an apartment, I'm just waiting for the stimulus and buying the $391,000 apartment that comes with the 10 car garage.

Anyhow, I've got three pictures I had taken with my cellphone since I'm not quite sure how to get in-game screenshots. They have an in-game cellphone available that lets you take pictures and even selfies, I just don't know how to access them.

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Well, I screwed up. I need to start again. I am new to X so.. I didn't know about Amie.. so, let's try this again. LOL I also forgot about these pix I had of the game so.. here they are...
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And that's that.


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