Dec. 24th, 2013

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Hello friendlies! :D

Yesterday I exchanged gifts with Joshypoo in EQ2. :) He got me a collectible set that when I turned in got me a Gelatinous Cube house pet! :D Awesome! I didn't even know that existed. :)

So Frostfell is still going on. I'm still doing the daily crafting "raid" with Grandpop everyday. :) I've got him from level 47 carpenter to 74!!! Sadly, he's outleveled it hehe. The items you craft are level 70 and while they gave mucho xp for a long time, it's not so much anymore. :) Still, I plan to do it today because it's still free materials and I still get a huge boost from turning all the stuff in. :) Perhaps he'll get to level 76 today. :D

I'm going to delete Drecche my Half Vampire Bruiser eventually. He's also my weaponsmith. :/ Grandpop is also a level 15 bruiser and I decided I'm going to level his adventuring up because there are recipes you can't get without questing and being in higher level zones. I don't need two bruisers. :/

It's going to be sad and a long, painful process because for a while I really liked Drecche and fully decorated three houses he lived in. I have to transfer all the items now through the shared bank. >_< He's also level 40 and I put a lot of work into him. :/

But I've lost interest in him. I'll have a free character slot open and I'm considering a Half Vampire Coercer who will replace him as a weaponsmith. Joshypoo's main is actually like a level 55 or 57 weaponsmith and mine was 39 so I get that sort of stuff from him anyway. :)

Hmm, actually I really need to exchange all the items and things soon because I could do the crafting raid for three days and then she'd almost be back up to Drecche's level. Yeah, I think I'll make her a girl vampire. :)


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