Oct. 25th, 2013

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Joshypoo tricked me. At around 9pm he asked me if I wanted to do a level 30 two person quest for an earring that lets you breathe underwater. I thought, "That would be cool. I hope it's not difficult." I took my level 38 ranger because I wanted it on her. Well we spent 30 minutes running around on different zones doing the quest "searches" until we had to go into a castle and find some lord to kill. Uhm... turns out it was an instance and we were in there 3 hours. -_- It was terribly painful to do because there were so many puzzles and secret doors that we ran around in circles a lot. :( He didn't know the quest would be like that and the worst part was we didn't even get the earring when we finished it. The quest continues. -_-

I got a lot of loot to sell and went from 38 to 40 adventure level and 56 to 62 talent level though. It was also nice spending that time with him. I just wish it wasn't such an awful place. Secret doors everywhere? Who designs something like that? And there's no in game map for the place and you can't even see where each other are if you get separated.

I guess it turned out ok. Never doing it again though. :P

edit: There was even an illusionary wall I luckily found by not controlling my character properly.
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I have been playing for quite some time.. and I beat a gym leader, got a Vivillon which is dark blue and white btw which means according to this site I have a polar Vivillon... which is totally true bc I live in cold dark Canada... hehe.. I got a charmander from Sycamore... I DID start with Chespin, but I don't like the evos so I'm going to start over with Froakie because I don't like Fennekin's evos too... It reminds me a lot of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness and those games.. pretty cool if you ask me.

RATING: (1 - abysmal and 5 - the best)
I rate this game a 5. It's got a hell of a lot to do and I've barely scratched the surface.



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